Are you interested in working with us?
If so, please kindly see if you fit these qualities!
We are looking for people with these 3 simple qualities:
   1) Positive Energy (SMILE)
   2) Fast-Paced
   3) High Motivation and Enthusiasm

If you do have these qualities as your strengths, please kindly scroll below and click the link to send your resume.
We want to see you in person!


Positive Energy (SMILE)
A person willing to give out positive energy to customers and teammates by his or her great smile. We want your smile to end up making the others smile. Your Smile→Positive Energy→More Smiles So... SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! :)   
Each person of our company must work in a fast-paced environment. Thus, we need people with a quality to work rapidly with his or her best effort. This does not mean working fast with poor performance. We are looking for someone who can work fast with an excellent performance.    
High Motivation/ Enthusiasm
A person with high motivation and enthusiasm is what we are looking for. There is a phrase in Japanese, "Ichigo Ichie", meaning "once chance in a lifetime". One must cherish each day and work each day with full effort, high motivation and enthusiasm, as a person and as a team.