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Soba Noodles 生蕎麦

Did you think that you can only get dried soba noodles? KANDS noodle manufacturer proudly produce fresh soba noodles in the same process that had been made in Japan.
From premium soba noodles to Nihachi soba and Gowari soba, we can provide reasonable soba noodles to fresh soba noodles. To provide safe and fresh soba noodles, it is important and crucial to control and maintain the quality and the temperature. Because KANDS noodle manufacturer has this knowledge and technique that had been gained from 50 years of experience and history, we believe to provide you the finest fresh noodles.   あなたはフィリピンでお蕎麦は乾麺しか手に入らないと思っていませんか? KANDS製麺所では日本と全く同じ生蕎麦を提供する事が出来ます。

Udon Noodles うどん

Are you tired of eating udon noodles with hard core inside the noodle even if the noodles have been boiled for a long time?
KANDS noodle manufacturer can provide smooth/chewy Sanuki style udon noodles, boilable udon noodles, dried udon noodles, and yaki udon noodles.
We provide various line ups of udon noodles such as reasonable priced original fresh udon noodles using products of the Philippines to professional premium fresh udon noodles using products from well-known Japanese flour. 




Ramen Noodles ラーメン

Ramen is currently very popular in the Philippines. Various big and small ramen chain restaurants have launched to the Philippines from Japan. However, do you not feel the cost of the ramen noodles that have been imported from Japan is expensive? KANDS noodle manufacturer can provide reasonable ramen noodles with same qualiity as Japanese Ramen noodles. If you are interested in our samples, please kindly message us. We believe to provide reasonable professional Japanese ramen noodles that would meet your needs.  

フィリピンでは今まさにラーメンブームです。大小様々な日本のラーメンチェーンが進出しています。しかし、あなたは日本から輸入した粉で作るラーメン麺のコストが高いと感じていませんか? 弊社の製麺所では、日本の麺と同じ品質で、安価なラーメン麺を作る事が出来ます。是非一度、サンプルをご依頼下さい。必ずあなたの満足する本物の日本のラーメン麺が、低価格で実現できます。

Pasta パスタ

Have you ever wondered where to get professional pasta noodles for your restaurant or good quality pasta noodles that can be boiled within a short time frame? At our factory, we can provide carious fresh pasta noodles. Fresh pasta noodles taste better than dried noodles but can cut down the boiling time.  
In addition to this, our professional noodle makers can create any pasta noodles of your needs according to temperature and humidity. 
Please kindly feel free to contact us for further queries and requests.



Gyoza Wrapper 餃子の皮

KANDS noodle manufacturer can provide good gyoza wrappers.
Due to our original mixture of ingredients and procedure of rolling, we have created gyoza wrappers that can easily wrap the stuffings inside. 
It has a special characteristic of not letting the good taste of the stuffings because the density of the dough, itself, is high.
According to your requests, we will try our best to meet your needs such as the size and thickness of the gyoza wrappers.